Solheim Cup moments: Annika Sorenstam’s chip-in controversy

Annika Sorenstam featured in Team Europe’s last Solheim Cup success in Scotland, in which her championship had been overshadowed by a moment during the Saturday fourballs.
Sorenstam had won her matches on the opening day in 2000, as Europe started a 5.5-2.5 edge at Loch Lomond Golf Club, just to become embroiled in a heated discussion during her second fixture the next day.
Playing against Kelly Roberts and Pat Hurst, Sorenstam believed she’d dragged on her and Janice Moodie back flat after chipping in for birdie from just off the 13th green.
Sorenstam was accused of playing out of turn, with the birdie putt of Robbin further away from the pit, resulting in Team USA – after consulting captain Pat Bradley – ordering the shooter to be retaken.
While the Americans defended their choice, claiming they had”followed the rules”, the Europeans described the actions as”unsporting” after Sorenstam was not able to repeat her chip-in.
The European group moved to lose the game 1 & 2 but were still able to take a five-point lead in the final day, where the American’s Sunday comeback could not stop Europe from winning 14.5-11.5.
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